Wide Wing Shipping LLC provides personalized services for the clearance and export of personal belongings. Our experienced team conducts a thorough assessment of your personal items, and with the assistance of skilled professional packers, ensures that your personal effects are meticulously packed using appropriate materials. Each item is correctly labeled to prevent any damage during local and sea-air transportation. We handle all the complexities of booking the most expedient means of transportation, preparing the necessary export documentation, and processing export documents swiftly and accurately. This guarantees that your goods arrive at their destination in flawless condition and perfect order.

Global Reach
Online Tracking
Cargo Insurance
Service Offerings:
  • Container Transport Services
  • Handling of Break Bulk Cargo
  • Specialized Transport for Heavy Equipment
  • Prompt and Flexible Coordination of Cranes and Forklifts
  • In-House Customs Clearance Expertise
  • Comprehensive Door-to-Door Clearance Services
  • Insurance Solutions

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